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What's it about?

Image Vj Hunt is a platform for potential VJs who are interested to work in Image Channel as a Television presenter.


Image Channel is looking for potential VJs who are serious about their work. They should be presentable, have a good voice, impeccable diction and ooze confidence. They should have keen interest in production. They should be spontaneous and able to write their own scripts for their presentations. We definately will be grooming you but you must have the potential to be groomed!!!

We have developed a standard application form which you have to fill out. The application forms are available at Image Complex Panipokhari. The written forms are compulsory. Forms will be available till the audition day, it will be available at the audition venue as well, just bring your picture with you, fill the form and submit during your audition.

You have to be over 16 years of age to participate. We know that students may have hard time maintaining their studies and work, thats why we will be asking you to commit on a reasonable time that you can devote to us, before we actually appoint you to a job.

The Audition dates will be announced soon. The venue is Image Production Studio, Lazimpat. You have to come prepared with your presentation piece. Just pick a topic and present. Try your best to look presentable since it will be televised. Image VJ Hunt is going to take a format of a REALITY SHOW!! Be Ready for it!!!!

Points to consider while preparing for your Audition Presentation:

Your Presentation should have a opening, middle and closing. In the opening you have to introduce yourself and introduce the topic you are going to talk about. The middle includes the elaboration on your topic. You close your act by your goodbyes. Watch various TV shows with anchors to get inspired.

You can choose any topic. Choose a topic, which you have a good knowlege about. It could be about current affairs, sports, youth problems, Music, Celebrity gossip,fashion, entertainment related or it could be about any random thing. Objective here is to see how well you present, topic doesn't matter!!! just as long as u can convince us that u can anchor a show.

There is no specific time limit. But then your presentation can be 3 to 5 minutes long. Try to express as much as possible, consider your body language, maintain eye contact to the camera and just give in your best shot.

Your presentation should be in the language that you are most comfortable in. It can be in Nepali or English or both. We prefer use of Nepali more than english (70% Nepali and 30% English will be acceptable). If you are using English make sure your pronunciations and grammar are good, this applies for Nepali too.

We will be auditioning on first come first serve basis. You have to register on arrival, and your name will be called accordingly from the list. If you are not around when your name is being called then your name will be wiped from the list and you will have to re-register the next time!!!


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