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A reality based extravaganza-- Mega Model-- is a platform for young girls aspiring to be models. The modality of the event being one of competition, selections and short-listing of participants will be carried out through auditions at various phases. Three esteemed personalities from the fashion industry will form the judges’ panel responsible for the selections.

The competition will involve different stages where girls will be assigned to perform modeling related tasks. Elimination and selection of contestants will be conducted on the basis of their performance in these tasks.

The course of the competition and selection will continue until six girls are short-listed from the whole group of participants. One among these six girls will ultimately become the proud winner of the MigMe Mega Model Season 3 title.


Pre-requisites and desired criteria for interested candidates are as follow:

Each contestant of the MigMe Mega Model competition must mandatorily be a holder of a MigMe Account. This requires the candidate to log on to and create her own account.

The contestants will have to fill up a standard form in writing and attach their photos on the forms. There should be two photos of each candidate, one of which should be a close-up, and the other a full-length photo. The forms will have to be submitted to the judges’ panel by the contestants themselves upon their presence in the audition.

The minimum age limit for contestants of Migme Mega Model Competition is 16. In case of being selected, girls who are under age will need to present a Letter of Consent from their parents. The organizers need to be ensured of the contestants’ time commitment for the event which might span over a month or two.


Note: The date, venue and time for the auditions will be announced on television and other media mediums.

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