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Subha Bihani + Tapain ko aaja

Program name

"Tapain Ko Aaja" is a daily horoscope forecasts based on the lunar calender. It is a calculative and a brief forecasts on each moon signs. Viewers may take cautions or plan ahead according to their readings as our astrologers try to bring the most scientific and accurate readings. Watch every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday, Saturday at 6 AM and Friday at 5:30 AM.

Program schedule

Day Start Time End Time  
saturday 06:00:00 06:30:00
wednesday 06:00:00 06:30:00
tuesday 06:00:00 06:30:00
sunday 06:00:00 06:30:00
friday 06:00:00 06:30:00
thursday 06:00:00 06:30:00
monday 06:00:00 06:30:00

Program presenter(s)

Presenter Name
Laxmi Prashad Baral

Program videos

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