Madan Krishna Shrestha and Haribamsha Acharya or in short MaHa are one of the legendary comedy duo of all time in Nepal. They are known for their typical style of creating awareness through laughter through their dramatic programmes. They are also actively involved in the political freedom movements and creating social activities and all.

Recently Madan Krishna Shrestha has unveiled his autobiography ‘Maha ko Ma’ amid the public which is based on his real lifestory. According to Madan Krishna Shrestha his ‘Maha ko Ma’ book includes his bitter sweet childhood memories, initial hurdles as an artist, love affair and various aspects of his life like his struggle with his own health problems and also his wife with cancer.

‘Maha ko Ma’ simply depicts the story of a extremely talented, dedicated and positive minded person who has undergone through the heap load of problems with simply nothing but a smile and making others smile achieved what he should’ve achieved in his life. This autobiography book surely is going to inspire others.