Music has such as magic which heals all the problems and take away the pain. In my view when i am sad when i feel low i always listen to music. I love to hear the song according to my mood music has became my best friend wherever i go whatever i do music is always there with me. When i was very small my mother used to sing a song for me i could not understand what she was singing but i love to lye on her lap and listen her singing. From that time my first tutorial  was my mother i first listen song from my mother as everyone in my house was music lover my father used to listen old hindi music and used to teach me how to sing but song which my mother taught was for life time she was my first music teacher.

While writing this i remember one quote

“Music is the greatest communication in the world.
Even if people don’t understand the language that you
are singing in, they still know when you hear it”
– Lau Rawls

Yes, music is the greatest communication in the world, We don’t need to understand  any language we just feel in the flow. While talking about me i am always fascinated by music as i grow in the musical environment my family always motivated me and now i feel that music makes me complete.  Music played a big role in my life  me and my husband we both are music lover and when we first met we met in a live concert where i performed and he was the first one who asked me for my autograph. Wow! feels like celebrity and now we are together as a husband and wife. It feels good when we meet love of our life with the same interest, and i have to say that music and my connection is for life time.